Buying a used pushchair

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When buying a pre used pushchair I can be a bit of a challenge, as a parent you want the safest mode of transport for your little darling but not the high price tag of a brand new set of wheels. A good place to start is to surf the internet and check out the reviews on the pushchairs you like.  Sometimes the ones that look good aren't necessarily the best to use. Also buy checking the reviews you will be able to see if there are any faults that other people have found with the product. Once you've checked the reviews it's time to start searching Ebay. Here are a few things to look out for. 
1. The more photographs on the auction the better. The more you can see of the general condition of the pushchair the better.
2. Check of wear and tear of the wheels and the handles of the pushchair. Anyone can throw the covers in the wash to make a pushchair look in good condition but the condition of the wheels and handles will be a good sign of the actual condition.
3 . Don't be afraid to ask questions, how long of you had it, what kind of use has it had (heavy, medium, light usage).If all these things seem to tally up then you're  good to bid.

A word of caution too, I would advise trying to get something you can collect locally as sometimes using a courier isn't always the best way to transport them. They tend to be thrown about in the back of a van and if the pushchair hasn't been packaged very well it can be damaged.

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