Buying a video game with confidence

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When buying games, keep an eye out for these:

1)When buying a game, make sure the product is pictured. If it is a copied and pasted picture off the internet you can't see the product you're buying. The description given may not match the actual  condition of the product.

2)Make sure the disk's condition is described as you may buy a game with many scrathces on the rear of the disk.

3)Don't buy pre-orders. The slightly cheaper price may entice you but why when you can go out on the release date and get it the same day. Pre-orders arent guaranteed for release date delivery and you could be waiting for the game to arrive when you could be sat playing it.

4)Read the description thoroughly and make sure the item is listed as a new or used game. You may buy a new game when it may actually be used.

Hope you found this guide useful : )

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