Buying an Autograph on Ebay? Consider this FIRST!!!!

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I have been such a fool. No, REALLY! I`ve been collecting autographs for 3 years now, and saw Ebay as a quick fix to add to my collection. I`ve spent a lot of money on what I now know are fake autographs, complete with pretty little fake COA`s.

Having done some research on the internet, my worst fear was myself too. It`s that easy to understand a fake once the blindingly obvious has been outlined for you. (There are several very helpful guides here on Ebay, written by kind folk who want to protect you from the fraudsters - my advice is to read them!)

I also stumbled across a very helpful website - I must point out that I am in NO WAY affiliated with this business; to be honest, I only checked them out to add to my collection! And apart from selling wonderful GENUINE autographs (note the difference in price of the Real Mcoys too!!), they offer a service whereby for only a fiver, they will check out (very detailed 10 point authenticity check) an Ebay item you are watching/considering to be ripped off by.

The site is DO have a look could save you a lot of money. Don`t be an idiot like me and throw away a couple of hundred quid for the sake of a 10 or so pretty bits of paper! And DO read all the autographs guide here too.. Their authors want to help you!

One more thing...common sense goes a long way! If you`d rather not shell out a fiver to have someone verify a fake for you, USE YOUR HEAD!! If something looks to good to be true it probably is!!

Happy hobbies folks.


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