Buying an Iconic Phone from the past- the ups and downs

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Why are people Ericsson T28s, T29, T39, Nokia 7110, 6310i, Motorola PEBL, U, U9, V3i, V3s, & v70s, Panasonic GD55s to but name but a few? Well in ever increaing numbers they are looking either for a bit of technical history they loved in their youth to form part of thier collect or they are sich of todays charcter less slabs of plastic and want a cheap basic and above all reliable phone that's easy to use. These retro and iconic phomes come with a real history behind them and ooze character when compared with todays slide sided monothiths packed with features many people don't want and in many cases modern phones can trace their blood lines right back to these historic phones.

It's worth mentioining straigtaway that owning some of the these historic phones is a little like owning a classic car. You can reconstuct a classic car from the very best pasts you can but even then it's possibly not the one you'd take on a lenghty journey - that migh be the time you fall back on something less esoric and more liable.

So lets spend some time looking at the good and points of some of these phones.




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