Buying an NDS LCD screen from rtrade2010

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Just a quick  word or two ( many really)  to  share my recent experience of getting  a replacement screen for my grandson's  NDS Lite..

From a supplier  called  rtrade2010

It all looked quite ok  but no clue as to its maker/country or origin . ( I suspect China!! ).

All Fitted and went ok for a few weeks, then  I saw one day that the top screen looked a bit strange even to my old eyes . and the small one says  , yes its been like that for a little while . As he wears glasses I didn't want him to have to stare at this screen as it seemed to be flickering all the time.

I contact the seller and after a couple of messages back and forth   I was asked ( seemed reluctantly) to send it back.

It was duly packed up and returned.

After not hearing anything  I sent another message asking the situation  and got the  reply  that  the screen I had returned was NOT one of his and do I want it back.

The seller had not bothered  to say this on  the receipt of the return  , but just stayed quiet and waited until I  contacted him ?!!

This is Utter  rubbish  we only ever had the one new LCD and the original badly cracked one.    

So here here is a Crooked Seller  who is just trying to get out of a refund /replacement, as its just outside the Ebay reporting time.

AVOID this seller like the plague..  he sells   crap  and  then  tells lies ....

So lil grandson will have to wait  while I find another  reputable seller!!!

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