Buying and Selling - Safely and Securely

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eBay is Great

eBay has a worldwide market for us to all grab bargains. 80% of the time it is great. The other 20% is not. This small number accounts for:
- Damaged goods
- Misleading items (not what you think they are)
- Dodgy items (possibly by quality).


When looking to buy, make sure of the following:

- You have done your research on the item. Most auctions provide no returns.
- Look at the price. It may look like a bargain, but have you looked at all areas (eBay and beyond) for a cheaper deal
- You ask questions. Great feature on eBay. If the seller says "buy first" (or something similar) STAY WELL CLEAR.

An easy Con - Don't be part of it, Report it.

4GB mp3 players have been sold on eBay. They are not iPods, but similar items. Many claim to be 4GB, but are actually 2GB. Most sellers do not have links to a website with firmware updates. No updates means, no after sales support.

If you don't believe me google this. If you believe that people are being ripped off, report the item. If it is legitimate, there is no problem. But if it's a fake, then it will stop that seller conning others.
iPod Fakes Link ->


So you want to make money on eBay or sell something you don't like. eBay is great for selling. But make sure you do the following:

- Easy on the eye. Make a nice ad with lots of useful info (no waffle). If you sell a computer you say the computer brand and specs (laptop, desktop etc). If it was a pair of jeans, then how old, length, width etc.
- Picture. Please add a picture so people can see the item. The first picture is FREE. No picture could mean no sale.
- Price. You can choose "buy it now" or "auction". Basically, fixed price or best price wins. Different Auctions should have different auction types. Don't charge Over The Top (OTT) prices as no one will buy.
- Selling items on eBay costs you money. There are various options you can add to make you sale more appealing. Depending on value and similar items around. It all depends on how much you should spend on advertising or even need to spend on advertising.
- Accepting payments. There are companies like "NoChex", "Paypal" and others for receiving payments. eBay likes Paypal and most sellers accept this. Easy payment options for buyers make your items more appealing. Helping buyers pay you quickly and securely will make you go far.

Finally, keep buying and selling

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