Buying and Selling on eBay, the things you may not think about.

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First of all I suppose I should introduce myself. I have been selling on eBay for one year, in that time I have picked up an awful lot. As this was the main priority of my job, I have been on eBay nearly every day for the past year. I've bought and sold and realised that there is always something else to consider when making purchasing/selling.
  1. Not everyone thinks like you do. I know I am sorry to burst the bubble of hope and naivety. I did mean that as nice as possible. Everyone does it, I believe any way. You've got to try and think about what else may be happening in the buyer/sellers life. I know that this can be difficult and not something you would want to do. BUT (big but) when you order something and the seller hasn't dispatched it yet and it says on the listing will dispatch within one working day try not to jump to the big bad wolf conclusion that they're scamming you like everyone else on eBay. You know about it, you hear the horror stories. First communicate! Using eBay message service, message them asking why there is a late dispatch and remind them that on the listing it states dispatch within one working day. I know us sellers come across amazing and everything but unfornately we do sometimes forget things. And that isn't good, there is no excuse but just realising means your prepared and not as angry about it. (Total Buddhism in there somewhere!) For sellers try realising the undistinguishing factor of Buyers Remorse, I know as a seller this isn't nice to hear but buyers do sometime totally regret purchasing something. And the be all and end all is that they are allowed within 30 Days to ask for the money back. I no this isn't nice but like previously stated just realising means your prepared and not as angry about it. (Total Buddhism in there somewhere!) - Wait anyone feel that De Ja Vu just now?
  2. They might be new! It can terrible sometimes to purchase/sell something to someone is new on eBay, but wait I think I no something about you already! (Gasp) You were new as well one time! Am I right? Tell me I'm right! I know I'm right! The problem is that as a buyer you feel that all the sellers should be experienced enough to sell properly. You don't walk into PC World and get a young unexperienced teenager trying to sell you a carpet. And that as a seller you feel that buyers should know how to work eBay before purchasing something. You don't walk into Asda and ask them if you can pay with Monopoly Paper Money. But unfortunately there is always someone new on eBay who doesn't quite understand it. Give buyers/sellers some time.
  3. Sellers don't have control of the postage. Unless a seller personally drops off your purchase or you collect it from them the seller is going to use a postage service and amazingly they are going to choose the cheapest option so they can actually make some money. Try and remember that the seller is actually trying to make money on eBay. Unfortunately once the item has left the sellers hands it is up to the carrier to make sure it gets to the buyer. The seller obviously also has a part in this and should track the item. I'm not going to get into this too much as it is an incredibly mixed variation situation. So many factors, so many things that should be done and aren't due to another huge amount of factors. Do everything by the book (the eBay book) and you'll survive! I had a buyer about a month ago who purchased something and then went to PayPal and claimed I had taken money out of their account without asking them. This clearly did not happen. I wasn't going to give up that easily though and contacted to two email addresses associated with the PayPal and eBay account. They "buyer" said that they hadn't authorised the payment. I showed them the PayPal receipt and they claimed it still wasn't them. Fair enough, I reported it to PayPal and refunded the money. Checked their Feedback a couple of weeks ago and they've had about ten other transacations since and all good feedback from the sellers. This is clearly a case of Buyers Remorse. Quite ridiculous. I would have much more appreciated the truth. That moves me on to my next point.
  4. Just tell the truth. Be honast, we've all done it, purchased something and then realised we don't want it/have enough money etc etc... Just contact the seller as soon as possible and explain what's happened. If you contact the seller after it's been dispatched do not be suprised to be asked to pay postage. It's totally understandable. Think about it as you've purchased something, you're really looking forward to it coming and the seller contacts you explaining that it's been lost in the post or damaged before being dispatched. Now, you'd expect them to give you a refund. Just consider that when you change your mind.
  5. Don't auction something before knowing what you're doing. Understand that if you start an auction at 0.99 and the only bid you get is 1.00, that's what it's selling at. Unless you can lie the hell out of it without the buyer complaining. I know the fee's are smaller but are you really prepared to sell your item for the minimal amount? No? Didn't think so.
Just be prepared when you start selling or buying on eBay it can extremely different than anything else you're used to.
Good Luck and welcome to the wonderful world of eBay.
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