Buying and returning if not as described

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It seems that a few of the members of e-bay, Think that if you return an item it is OK for them to do a part refund, I.E only the cost of the item and NOT the postage you have paid also. If you return any item you ARE ENTITLED to a full refund, Including the postage you have paid... REGARDLESS of what the seller says ,, if you do not get a full refund, contact E-Bay put in a claim and open a  case, and E-Bay WILL refund after a few days, Then the seller will get a black mark on thier profile and if there are any more issues with the seller they will be removed....
I have had similar problems with seller who thinks its right and proper to keep the postage cost back and not refund
They HAVE to return your payment in FULL.... They have NO option, 
You need to report and file a case against ANYONE who does not conform to this rule set out by E-Bay. They are NOT allowed to keep the postage payment from you, if you return an item, the only cost you have to stand to is the return postage, 
Too many are trying to get away with this, and after a lengthy phone call to E-Bay support, they have clarified this. ......YOU ARE ENTITLED TO A FULL REFUND OF ALL YOU HAVE PAID INC POSTAGE COSTS !!!!!!!.......
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