Buying and selling prams and pushchairs!

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Im sure like thousands of you out there Ive had a large number of prams and pushchairs (Ive actually lost count!). However when you get round to either needing one for the first time or just happen to be a pramoholic there never seems to be any help that is any good to you. Ok mothercare offer services but its not the same as personal experience from people who have actually used these items! So in my opinion before buying ask the seller what they liked about it, what they disliked and if you feel they are not being 100% truthful about it, avoid buying and find another! Ask friends and family who use puschairs what they think, You can always have the same in a different colourway!

Items without postage tend to sell for upto 50% less than they would with postage so if your local to something not only can you try before you buy but can save a packet! So as for sellers if you want to make more money on your item, add postage! its not difficult to wrap a pushchair (just dont try wrapping coach built prams!) If you dont have a box either ask your local super market or try diy stores for un wanted packaging. A cheap way is to use laminate flooring underlay, a large roll for a few £££. Wrap it around the folded pushchair, place good quality large bags (garden ones are the best) over it and wrap parcel tape around it tightly. For peace of mind use a well known courier, the best have to be parcel force and dhl. If you print postage through paypal you can send with parcel force for £10.99 or (my preferred one), they accept paypal, use DHL and only charge £7.27 for most pushchairs, I can tell you now you can post mamas and papas p3's, bebe confort loola's, silver cross 3d's just to name a few of the bulkier ones! So there you have it you can post them, they are not to big!

Remember some people are more than happy to have just one pram for there child's first years so as much advice as you can possibly obtain is very useful! Remember the size of your boot is very important. I can tell you a bugaboo (not bee) will not fit the boot of a corsa! After only 2 days of having a frog I had to sell because of this (wide back wheels) and brought a bee, these fit really well and are also a fantastic stroller, I wish I had brought this from birth as its roomy yet very compact! Not to mention stunning to look at. Dont forget public transport, if you use it regular and dont have easy access buses you need some easy to fold, umbrella being the best! If you need umbrella from birth try a maclaren XLR or XT.

If you like style but are on a budget have a look around mothercare, mamas and papas etc or if you see one about you like, dont be afraid to ask the owner what it is etc! Then you can search ebay for the perfect bargain! I would have to say the most popular prams on the market  for everyday people like ourselves are the mamas and papas pramettes and the silver cross 3d's. So versatile and user freindly! You can pick up a decent system on here for less than half prcie! If you want all the accessories I would recommend trying to buy a complete set off the same seller otherwise you will end up paying a fortune to buy it all separately and that would of course defeat the object of bargain hunting!

So just remember ask, ask, ask! I hope you find some, if not all of this information handy! Should you think Ive missed something plese let me know and I will add to it happily!
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