Buying carpets ? How to save money buying carpet.

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Buying Carpet Tips and Advice for Saving Money and time.

Abbey Carpets Essex Ltd in Southend on sea we have been selling quality carpets at cheap prices for more than 15 years. We know our lower to mid priced flooring market better than most. Selling goods on ebay and the internet has helped us learn what our customers needs are. Most consumers come to us through repeat custom or recommendation we will always try and find the right flooring for our customers at a price they can afford to pay. This guide will give you a few tips on how to save money on buying carpet.

 First decide which area or areas you are buying for if you are buying for 1 room it will almost certainly be cheaper to buy a remnant of carpet sometimes called roll ends as these are normally left over from a large roll where the retailer has fitted a whole house or couple of smaller flats so what ever is left on the roll can be sold at a low price to clear the shop for more stock. Some canny (like us) retailers buy roll ends in from carpet wholesale carpet companies which means we buy the carpet alot cheaper per square meter sometimes up to 80% cheaper, which means we can sell it on at huge savings to the consumer and still make a reasonable profit so every ones happy!
 If you have only a small area to carpet like a bathroom , box bedroom or study you should scour your local independent retailer to see what they have in the way of small off cuts (remnants) and always haggle as most of these off cuts have been paid for once and most retailers will be glad of the extra room. 
If you are buying carpet for a rental property or your own home which needs a quantity of carpet do be prepared to shop around it need not mean trudging around 5 or 6 carpet shops and getting 5 or 6 estimates in. Just go to a good local carpet retailer choose 3 or 4 carpets you like maybe of different price range, ask the retailer if you may borrow them, good shops will always lend out samples then book an estimate appointment this should always be a free service. Once your estimator has finished measuring ask him for the carpet sizes required and the total quantity required in square meters, all good carpet companies will give you these figures to help you make an informed decision, explain that you need these to get a like for like quote from several suppliers if the retailer used is genuine and reasonably priced he will not be upset that you are shopping around, some estimators from certain carpet stores will not like giving you this information if this is the case you would probably be better off not using them. Please be aware large carpet companies like Carpetright do not want consumers shopping around so they have a nasty habit of changing the carpet names and not lending out samples to customers ( which would help you get a like for like quote and match with existing/new furnishings)

 Once you have received your first price write down all the details of exact carpet exact carpet underlay to be used and fitting/ accessory costs. Once you have the above information you can now turn to that trusty tool the telephone, I say this as you now have the sizes , quantity, and carpet and underlay you would like most retailers can buy most carpets from most manufacturers so its now easy for you to shop around, when given prices ask if they offer cash discounts or discounts for leaving waste etc, then once a second price is given you have 2 companies not only to compare but also play off against each other.

 Why would a carpet company be telling us these trade secrets ? we here you ask, the answer is simple, normally its us that win these orders locally.We have found over the years that being honest with trade secrets help our customer to save money , which makes them happy customers who not only come back again and again but they tell their friends and they come back again and again!

What about CARPET SALE shopping? Well like all sale shopping if your quick sometimes you can bag a bargain, but be warned some big retailers seem to have a sale on every month or so, here's how they do it. They Inflate carpet prices hugely in one store for a a couple of weeks or so which then allows them to have a "Sale" in there other 200 or so shops offering 60% off the original price then another 20% off that price. So be careful always look at the pre "sale" price would you have paid the pre sale price for that carpet or does it seem expensive, if your answer is the later you will see the point we are making, that the discount is not really as big as it looks! and the underlay and gripper will still be between double and 5 times what we charge, probably a £15 charge will also be levied to deliver your carpet even if you are having it installed by a sub contractor. Then door plates charged at £10 or so (Which we sell on ebay for a couple of pounds each).

 Good luck with your carpet shopping if you need more help or advice please contact us though ebay email. 

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