Buying clothing from eBay - Helpful hints

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This guide is about buying clothing successfully from eBay, will it fit, and the difference methods of checking.

As I have been  selling on eBay since February 2007 as a business and prior to that clearing the attic etc, I have been purchasing from eBay since 2000, and as clothing is my passion I would like to share a few things with you. 

Never ever trust the size on the label
Seriously, they all vary. 
There are no UK or global conventions for what is a size 8, 10, 12, ...., 22, etc.  This means where you might be a size 12 in one brand you might need a size 8 or even a 16 from another brand.  There is lots more information on my pages on each listing

I sell a huge amount of New  Per Una clothing for instance, and even in their range the sizes vary not by more than an inch normally, but when something is tight fitting, that extra inch can make all the difference.

Always get the Measurements
Most clothing sellers will give measurements, especially when they have a returns policy.  If there are no measurements, please do not rely on the item size, contact the seller and ask for the measurements, if they will not provide them, or are very slow to provide them, question whether you should be buying from that seller.

How measurements are taken
This is how I take my measurements, other sellers might vary so you will need to ask.  Use measurements against something you own which fits.

Chest - underarm to underarm tape laid flat on the item.  Remember this measurement is one way only, rather than doubling it and hoping for the best, grab something you own, which you like the fit on and compare the 2 measurements, if you are a 36 chest for instance your top probably will measure 19 or 20 inches possibly more underarm to underarm, (else it would be skin tight).  By checking the top, dress, jacket you are purchasing against something you own then you stand more chance of getting a good fit.  Your Bra Size is not your chest! - The 36 D is 36 inches with the tag around your torso and back tight - this isnt the widest part of your chest, use the full cup measurements.

Waist - again on the waist band - one way

Hips - everyone is different heights but I measure 3 to 5 inches under the waist.

Inside leg - from gusset seam to bottom of the hem

Hem - across the bottom hem of the garment, leg on trousers, or on a top the bottom seam.

How much do sizes differ?
Something in a size 10  Jane Norman is considerably small than  Next  for instance and smaller again than Per Una ,

I have found M&S to be quite generous with their sizing, and some  Per Una and of course Ann Harvey

Top ShopNext , about right and

FCUK D&G, Hobbs, Tommy Hilfiger,  Jane Norman etc to be very very small.

Check the Returns Policy
Ok, you have checked all the measurements and receive it - looks for a seller who will reimburse you for non fit, either exchange for a larger or smaller size or refund you in full. 

If a seller does not specify a returns policy then chances are they will not refund for non fit.  There are sellers out there who do sincerely value their customers, and want to keep you as a good customer, and will accept returns as part of the process.

Be reasonable
If you have purchased something and do not like it, it doesn't fit, request the sellers details and call them, or email.  Let them know what is wrong.  At least hopefully they will let you use the pictures to resell the item (which is very helpful if you do not have a camera) or even better they might be prepared to refund or exchange,  however once you have left adverse feedback a seller will probably not feel inclined to be overly helpful.  When complaining about an item, be factual. A good seller will accept, it just wasnt as a I thought, there should be no need to mention the address label was cockeyed, the packaging torn, and it took 3 days to arrive, to save a lot of hassle - check the Returns Policy before you purchase - no policy - buyer beware,

I am going to add to this guide and produce a few more - but as it is after midnight I best crawl into bed, else the OH (other half) will fall out with me,
Kindest wishes
Suz xx
PS- Hope you found this helpful, if you did not - would you please let me know why so I can update it?? Ta x

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