Buying, don't be afraid to ask the Seller

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This guide is aimed at all Ebayers, old and new, personally I have been an Ebay member now for almost 4 years, and 99% of the time everything turns out as expected, however, I feel Ebay has a problem , of late I have had a couple of bad experiences that could put potential Ebayers off  and if these practices are left unchecked Ebay may become a less reliable place to buy.

So to save any other people from suffering what I have endured please consider these simple guidelines.

1. Read the listing thoroughly (twice), I know this sounds obvious, we all look at the pic on the listing and think "I know what that is, I don't need to read all the jargon" well read the jargon because if you hope to get any type of refund, should there be a problem, you need to be 100% sure you are right, if in any doubt at all ASK THE SELLER before you bid.

2. Make sure the item pictured is the item you expect to receive, again it seems obvious but I have seen 100's if not 1000's of listings of late that use "stock" pictures ASK THE SELLER for a pic or two of the actual item, I accept that there may be instances where this is not practical but if the seller refuses ASK WHY.

3. Be very wary of items that are offered for auction as Untested are they really untested ? or is the seller just trying to off load faulty items that are tested ? remember, don't be afraid, ASK THE SELLER for more info, there are potential bargains to be had if you are prepared to gamble, but also bear in mind you could pay way over the odds for other peoples rubbish.

4. Item or seller's location, why is this important ? well when I win an item and the location states London for example, isn't it reasonable to expect the item to arrive in between 2 to 5 days depending on the method of delivery ? ASK THE SELLER where they are based, and would they be prepared to offer contact details, you will be surprised how many London's there are around the world, especially in China !!!!!!!! It is not uncommon for items from London (in China) to take weeks to arrive, if they arrive at all.

5. Postage costs. Royal Mail has a website, use it !! ASK THE SELLER the weight of the item offered for sale compare their charges with the Royal Mail website, expect a little extra on the seller's price to cover packing and time but don't bre prepared to pay twice the norm, why should you ? ASK THE SELLER to justify their charges, this can reveal a lot.

Simple guides I hope you will find useful and remember don't be afraid to ASK THE SELLER




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