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Most U.k woman know the size of their clothes.. When buying from China remember that they always make sizes smaller. So I.E I'm a size 10 but in China that is a Medium. Always look at the example sizes they give you. Measure yourself against the options they give you. 
Make sure that the clothes compliment your eyes, hair color, and skin tone. For example, blondes look good in navy, brunettes in red, and redheads in olive. You can enhance a fair complexion with medium tones of color (like blue or green) and a dark complexion with pastels (like pink, yellow, or aqua). 
I know the price of the clothes are cheap. Some deals are very good, but just remember that the quality of fabric will vary from seller to seller. I have bought many things from China and I recommend that you give it  a shot.  
The time it takes to be delivered will also vary, the minimum time is around two weeks. Unless it is a special time of the yer, such as Christmas, the you should expect to receive your good around that mark. 
If not, don't forget to check your estimated delivery before typing that message. 

Good luck and have fun shopping xx xx xx
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