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Something of subconscious value

Mystical diagrams have been used since ancient times to help focus the mind and even by Carl Jung as psychological tools of healing, the diagram communicates to the subconscious mind a kind of a system update for your mental software. These diagram perpetuate, people keep drawing them,  often outdoors despite technological advancements.

The mystical diagram in some cases is worshipped as the pattern version of the deity or archetype and in other cases is  kept in view for inspiration, worn as a  charm or even used as a part of foundation rituals for new buildings. There's definitely something in it, why not give it a try, Carl Jung the famous psychologist swore by them; indicating that they were a psychological healing tool that went straight to the subconscious, a bit like an 'Ah ha' moment.

These diagrams can be made with a specific intention in mind and can even be numerical which is still not a wide spread version of mystical diagrams; unexplored territory. 

Choose one that your are drawn to, this will have the 'data' that you need integrate into yourself, and an energised one is even better. It has to be hand drawn for the best, in this way it creates a kind of data network, from human to human communicating things from subconscious to subconscious. Enjoy explore this path of self healing and transformation!
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