Buying on Ebay Top Tips (A Guide For Beginners)by Michael Bridges

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1. Always use the search features (in particular the lowest to highest)
Many times by  using the features, I have found an item a lot faster and much cheaper than just buying using the original search list. (BEWARE) DO NOT buy the absolute cheapest item as it can, for example with tech be spares and repairs and you will be spending money on a non functioning item.

2.  Read the description
As a continuation from before if you are not careful then you can end up buying spares and repair, non functional or low quality items, always read the title carefully, and always take the time to read the item description , as it can give you vital information that you are not privy to when you just read the title.
(Ex) caravans or cars the description will tell you about any faults, which will help you avoid buying something that will just be a cost pit.

3. Look out for deals
In opposition to my first point, sometimes there can be an item that costs more, but if you are intending to buy more than one will offer you a lower price buying two individually, this can take of a percentage and save you a little or a lot. multi-buy or money off items can be a money  saver.

4. Look for multiple pictures
When buying always look for items with more than one picture, in some cases but no all there may be a reason for lack of pictures, in other cases it can be something a seller doesn't want you to see, such as faults and problems. This isn't the case for everyone but make sure you can see every all of the item you are buying, to avoid any surprises.

If there is only one picture, contact the seller and ask if there are other pictures of the item so that you can be informed when buying. there are good people out there, but there are a few con artists as well (TAKE CARE).

5. Look out for cons
Continuing form the above, always follow (if it seems too good to be true it probably is), as I have mentioned above sometimes low prices are not a coincidence, if it is low   price it may be spare and repair, or it could be faulty or dangerous, so be careful and make sure you are absolutely happy before you buy.

6. Be aware of added extras
Sometimes you will have to pay extra on top of that item, and that will push the price above or equal to the cost for the same item, which has free P&P, so be aware of that when shopping.

7. Look at arrival time
When shopping you will find yourself buying from  places such as China, Japan, USA, Australia and many more offshore places, so you will have a longer time to wait. You will also have an additional option:
  • POSTED:  The item has been put into the post box , has been collected and has be bought to the postal delivery sorting office.
  • SHIPPED: The item has be collected from the postal delivery sorting office, has  be put into a container or mass storage inside boat, and is now be sailed over the water or by plane to your country.
  • DELIVERING : It has reached your sorting office,  has been taken by your postman, and will be delivered today.
  • DELIVERED: Posted through your postbox and received by customer.

8. Be aware of human or technical error
Sometimes things can go wrong, thing that are out of our control, either a technical error by a computer sending your parcel to the wrong place, or a human error like misspelling the name of the place, these little things can make your parcel take longer to deliver.

Rather than panic, rant and rave, simply send an email to the seller, and they may be able to shed some light on the subject, alternatively if your parcel has a tracking option, simply go online, and you can see where your parcel is.

9. Be aware of electrical outlet conversion
When buying electrical goods, always be away of outlet conversions (PLUGS and OUTPUT) for example otherwise you could find yourself buying something you are not able to use(if you buy a US item and try to use it in the UK you will have problems as US plug has two pins and UK plug has three pins).

You should also make sure you have bought everything you need ,so that you can enjoy your item.

And be aware of outlet outputs high output items can trigger your trip switch on the circuit board, or blow the item itself (FUSE) if it has one, make sure the items your use are compatible with the input you have, check the box if you are unsure or the manual if provided, it will tell you the specifications and should answer questions you have. 

10. Look for bundles
The same as the above (NO 3), where a purchase can be cheaper, you may be able to get for ex (a play station 3, games and controllers for less than buying separately, it also saves you having to make half a dozen separate purchases.

11. Look for bonuses
Some items will give you a  money back guarantee or other other bonuses to give you extras piece of mind when buying items.

12. Look out for return
With some items they will allow you to return the item, and will give you money or a replacement, but that isn't always the case so remember to look to see if you can return the item, especially with electronics where things can go wrong, otherwise you will be stuck with  a non functioning item.

13. Check to see if they deliver
Some seller will not send a item to you:
  • POSTS BY: The send either by postal service or package courier.
  • LOCAL PICK UP: You have to go and pick up the item from their address.
Be aware of this as you would need to add travel cost, and this could again push it over the price or  equal to another item with/without P&P charge, and that doe deliver.

14 Way to pay (cover the cost)
Make sure you have enough to cover the cost of item, otherwise there will be a notice saying payment outstanding and they will not send your item.

15. Leave feedback
Don't forget to leave feedback, rate and comment, as this helps them to improve their service, and helps to promote them as a seller.

Equally they can leave you comments, and promote you as a buyer, so you are helping each other to grow in confidence within your respected areas but also within the buying and selling community, but please BE NICE if you have nothing constructive to say don't say it at all, haters never prosper.

AS SELLER: Comments left by the seller on the buyers profile.

AS BUYER: Comments left by the buyer on the sellers profile.

End of guide

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide, I hope that it has been enlightening and inspiring and helps you through your shopping task.


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