Buying punk signed memorabilia, Sex pistols and Clash

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There are so many fake signed items around at the moment because of the 35year anniversary of Never mind the Bollocks. Prices have never been so high, this is when the fakers come out of the woodwork looking to scam you for your hard earned cash! Research carefully other signed items on Ebay which have proof of signing eg a photo of it happening or a story which makes sense. If you know your topic well you should be able to spot an unlikely or suspicious story of how the seller got their signed item. If you are not sure, ask them for more details, if they do not get back to treat that as suspicious as they may have realised you have rumbled them! You can check the info in the listing in any good book about the bands. One seller who said they got an item signed at the gig quoted the wrong support band playing, surely you would know who it was? Two of the best books to read are Retrospective by retro publishing they do books on both the Clash and Sex pistols and show all the albums made  by the bands, including bootlegs, dates of tours and other interesting pieces about the bands. Another good book to read is Englands Dreaming by Jon Savage, beware it is long! Check people's stories tally with the dates and support bands. If an item which is worth a fortune is listed at a very low starting bid beware too. The seller Mr Sloane has loads of stuff for sale which you can look at to compare signatures with. Look carefully at as many signatures of the same person as possible they should all follow a pattern, no matter how drunk/stoned they were at the signing! The real signature should have a "flow" to it, look for inappropriate gaps in the writing, if you were signing your signature you would not stop halfway through your name. Rottons signature is hard to copy as it is so complicated, bless you John! He always crosses through his surname once or twice, and later signings he added some stars. Sid's is a nightmare, as it is very simply signed, so a fakers dream! Just try to look at as many samples as possible. He often only wrote Sid with a line underneath with a star in the center, but he did sometimes sign as Sid Vicious. Everyone knows he used circles instead of dots on his i's. Beware of fakes as he didn't sign that much stuff so what is around is worth a fortune!The Clash signed stuff is more easy to spot. I have seen Paul Simonon signed with Paul (fake) he always signs so it looks like Pal Simonon, Joe always signed his e like a Greek e. Just look at some real signed stuff to get a feel for his signature. It is quite flowery and he added stars as well. I admit I am no expert, but I have spotted so many fakes on ebay recently, I felt I needed to warn people before putting huge bids on items. I own many signed items by the Clash and the Sex Pistols collected over the years, and hopefully I have not aquired any fakes. Good luck and research, research, research! Any questions please feel free to ask, I am an ex- 70's punk who was actually there!   

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