Buying radio controlled models

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When buying radio controlled models beware of what frequency they use, loads of foreign sellers try to sell to the UK with the American 72MHZ which is totally illegal in the UK. Below is an extract from the BMFA( British Model Flying Association) hand book.
From 1.8.1981, model control equipment is exempt from the requirement of a Licence under Section 1 (1) of the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949 subject to the terms, provisions and limitations set out in parts 1 and 2 respectively of the Statutory Instrument 1980 No. 1848.
The 27 MHz band is legally shared by other users, in particular, model cars, model boats and citizens band operators. It may still be used for model aircraft but great care should be taken by model flyers, especially near urban areas. Many clubs in this situation have found the need to ban this frequency band from their flying fields on the grounds of safety.
The 35 MHz band is SOLELY for model aircraft and under no circumstances must it be used for any other purpose, such as the control of surface vehicles.
The 40 MHz band is SOLELY for surface vehicle use and under no circumstances must it be used for the control of model aircraft.
The 459 MHz is shared with various telemetry operations. In particular, channels 12 to 24 (as noted in the table above) are used for specialised telemetry and users of these particular channels should be aware of the possibility of more potential interference being present.
Contrary to some people’s belief, 72 MHz IS NOT A LEGAL FREQUENCY FOR MODEL CONTROL IN THE UK. A manufacturers development license is available (under very strict conditions) to bona-fide designers/manufacturers from the DTI. Anyone using 72 MHz without such a current special licence is operating illegally and may face a fine and confiscation of the equipment..


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