Buying the Right Filing and Storage for Your Office

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Buying the Right Filing and Storage for Your Office

Office organisation is essential to a well run office. Keeping the office organised reduces the risk of lost papers, files, or documents, and increases productivity. There are many types of office equipment and office supplies available for filing and storage, made to keep the office neat and coordinated. When choosing filing and storage for the office, it is first important to consider the space available in the office. It is important not to clutter the office with filing and storage, which is why many companies choose to file or store old documents in a storage room or unit. Choosing space efficient filing and storage equipment is another option for small offices, and is available in brick and mortar office stores, as well as online using eBay.

Whether purchasing storage for a new office or remodelling an existing office, purchasing filing and storage equipment may get expensive. Because of the large selection of filing and storage equipment on websites, eBay offers prices much lower than retail cost, making it easy to find office storage and filing equipment on any budget. Before choosing filing and storage, is it important to understand the different filing and storage equipment varieties and decide which type would be best for your office.

Types of Filing and Storage Equipment

When choosing filing and storage equipment for your office, it is important to choose the best option for your business and the space available. Consider what needs to be stored, and how long things like documents or receipts must be kept. Some companies choose to file things on the computer with digital filing systems, while others prefer cabinets or storage equipment.

Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets are one of the most common types of storage and filing equipment found in the office. Many different shapes and sizes are available, made to vertically hold different size paper such as letter or legal paper. Smaller filing cabinets are found with two drawers, while larger units have up to six drawers. Filing cabinets with stacked drawers are more space efficient than those with side-by-side drawers. Different materials are used to make file cabinets, such as metal or wood. Metal is the most secure option, and some metal cabinets are fire-proof, or have a secure locking feature. If security is important, it is best to go with a locking metal file cabinet.

Filing cabinets are ideal for organising business plans, receipts, or other important documents since they are easy to sort and keep organised. Make sure to consider the dimensions of the filing cabinet before making a purchase, to ensure that the filing cabinets fit into the office without overcrowding. Smaller or taller filing cabinets are best for small offices with little storage space. Also consider the type of documents being filed in the cabinet to ensure the cabinet is the right size for the documents.


Bookshelves are used widely in offices to hold many different types of books and resources. Reference books, resource books, and other books are often stored in offices, but tend to take up a lot of space. Bookshelves help to add organisation to offices where book storage is an issue, and puts books on display so they are easily accessible for reference or use. Bookshelves come in many different shapes and sizes, and fit easily into any size office.

It is important to consider style and size when choosing a bookshelf for the office. Since bookshelves are often large items, it is important to measure the room before choosing a bookshelf. Tall, slender bookshelves are space efficient, as are shelves that secure to the wall. Bookshelves come in many styles from sleek, modern, metal bookshelves, to traditional wooden bookshelves. Many people choose bookshelves to match the decor of the office. Style and size depend on personal preference as well as the space available.

Automatic Files and Storage

Automatic storage and filing cabinets are cabinets that automatically find and retrieve files when a file code is entered into the system. The system controls a conveyer which is able to locate the file when the code is entered by the controller. Automatic files come in different size file cabinets equipped with different features. Some automatic file cabinets have security features, automatic charge out options, and standardised filing procedures. Space efficient options are also available for small spaces or offices.

When choosing an automatic filing it is important to consider dimensions as well as features. Automatic filing systems are generally more expensive than standard file cabinets, but files are much easier to locate and more difficult to misplace. They save employees time searching through old files and documents by finding them quickly and easily.

Digital Storage

In offices where storage space is an issue, digital storage may be the best option. Digital storage software makes it simple to store and organise old documents or files. OCR systems and optical disks are two types of digital data software that provides companies with secure space to store their data. OCR software is used to read different form of writing documents, while optimal disks are used mainly for file and document storage.

Digital storage is much more space efficient, since disks are able to hold many files are are simple to store. Also, most digital storage software makes it easy to organise and find different files.When choosing digital storage, it is important to back up data in case of any computer or network problems. Also, it is important to choose software that is compatible with your office's computers and software to ensure it functions properly.

Label Makers

Label makers make organisation quick and easy by clearly labelling different types of files, file cabinets, and storage boxes. There are many different types of label makers, from simple printing models with keyboard features to complex label makers that require computer software to alter font, colour, and size. For office organisation and low volume use, basic model label makers are affordable and get the job done.

Labelling storage boxes, cabinets, and files alphabetically, by date, or by another organisational system helps employees find old files quickly and use their time more efficiently. Different organisational systems are ideal for different businesses, so it is important to understand the different system to find the system that works best in your office.

Organisational System


Alphabetical Filing System

Organise files alphabetically by name- by subject, company, or person.

Numeric Filing System

Organise files numerically by date with a specific number assigned to each file.

Terminal Digit Filing System

Organises files first by their last two digits, and then narrows by other digits in the sequence.

Alphanumeric Filing System

Organises files by both letters and numbers.

Labelling files and documents based on an organisational system that fits in well with your business model helps to keep the business organised and running smoothly. Keeping files properly filed reduces the likelihood of losing important documents, or simply wasting time searching for missing files.

How to Purchase Filing and Storage Equipment on eBay

After considering which types of filing and storage equipment your office would benefit from, you are ready to begin your search. If purchasing a cabinet, bookshelf, or other large item, it is important to measure the dimensions of the room and figure out how much space is available before making a purchase. When purchasing large items such as filing cabinets on eBay, you can avoid expensive shipping costs by purchasing the item from a local seller. Often times, you can arrange a time to pick up the item when purchasing from a local seller, so you do not have to pay expensive shipping costs.

Aside from filing cabinets and other large storage items, eBay offers hundreds of different types of equipment ideas for office storage and filing. If you already know what you are looking for, you can search a specific term in the eBay keyword search bar. If you want to browse different storage and filing equipment to see which would best fit within your needs and budget, you can use a more broad search term, such as, 'office equipment'. Office storage supplies are also found on eBay, such as file folders or storage boxes. Regardless of what types of office equipment or supplies you are searching for, it is affordable and easy to find on eBay.


There are many different types of equipment and supplies that help keep any office organised and coordinated. Before purchasing storage and filing equipment for your office, it is important to consider your business' specific needs, such as which files are to be kept and how much storage is needed as a result. Also, it is important to choose a space efficient option that fits into the office without overcrowding. Some people choose to use digital storage to reduce space and time spent searching for files.

For offices where paper files must be kept, filing storage and equipment makes organisation simple so the business is able to stay on track. Automatic filing systems automatically find and locate files, so employees never have to waste time searching through numerous files. Choosing the right storage and filing equipment and implementing an organisational filing system makes filing and storing files quick and simple and keeps the business running smoothly.

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