Buying the right Console for someone

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Many Consoles are now about for the consumer or hardcore gamer to sink their teeth into, this is Cosmic Collectables tips, hints and thoughts on the consoles out there for sale today .
Entry Level
- For All
The Sony, PS2 (Playstation 2)  this console was first released in 2001 and replaced the PS1 console, the PS2 offers backward compatibility for the PS1 games, and on top of that boasts a title range of 2500+ PS2 game titles, which with the PS1 games library over 3500 games are for the you to get stuck into!
God of War, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, Max Payne, Grand Theft Auto, Spyro the Dragon, the list is endless.  Many great games, Very graphics a great console to start with for both young and old.
The Nintendo Wii this console was very much built for the pick up and play, all and anyone casual game experience, Many great games for the whole family to enjoy, and strong game platforms from the Nintendo family, such as, Mario, Pokemon, Metroid Prime, Donkey Kong, all ready to have you smile while playing the game.
Mid Level - For Older Children and Up
The Sony, PS3 (Playstation 3) this console took a long time for Sony to develop and fans of the PS2 console jumped shipped to the big competitor (Xbox) the console was to offer backward compatibility but the huge retail price lack of game choice to start the Xbox out sold the PS3 console,  the only PS3 console that will play the PS2 games is the Original 60gig Phat model this is a Rare machine now mainly down to the YLOD issue with the first gen consoles.   Now with the price at a more reasonable figure and many great games to play on the console this console is most definitely worth a look.   Please note we erg you not to buy a small harddrive version of the console try for 120gig or more.   Also all PS3 consoles will play the PS1 games so you can re-live your childhood,  What a touch!
The Microsoft X360 (Xbox 360), this console is a great bit of kit and made by the people who brought you the PC, there game servers are strong reliable and fast, it is not free for Xbox Live, but worth the bill as this will allow lots of content and a great online gaming experience.  However this has made most of the games have little or no off line story and makes it some what annoying to pay the money for a game that you can only mainly play on line and you will need deep pockets to keep up with all the chargeable extras to keep you playing.  Be sure this is a great console and has out sold the PS3 many times over.
Top of the Tree - Adults Really
The latest Consoles from both Sony and Microsoft, the Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One Consoles, these are power giant consoles of now!  Very Very powerful, Very expensive and very now.
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