Buying using best offers

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Want to get a product for a reduced price but don't want to wait for an auction to be outbid?
1st thing to do is
Look to see if the seller has the item you want on a buy it now or best offer.  This is usually the case.  however if not, don't panic just find another seller who has.

Ever made an offer for an item on a best offer on buy it now, and been turned down?
Well the easiest way to see if the 'best price' the seller will accept is to look at their history.
Go to advanced search and click completed listings using the sellers ID and you will see the item and the price that the seller is willing to sell for.
E.g. if an item is on buy it now/best offer for £15 and you do a search and find that the seller has recently sold the same item for £12 then don't just make an offer of £12 first time as they may counteract that offer- as you are not giving yourself any movement in your favour.
Make an offer of around £10.50 then if they reject it you will be able to make a new offer of £12 or £11.50 etc.  They will either reject it or counter offer it and you have 1 more offer you can make which should be around the £12.50 mark unless you want to pay towards the asking price, if they didn't except the previous.  If all else fails you can pay the full amount or just make an offer on another seller who has the product. 

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