Buying websites - Getting the right web site first time

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If you are looking to start your own online empire, then great -  there is nothing wrong with trying to capitalise on what is a fast growing market with an ever increasing customer base.  However there are many duplicated or 'cloned' template sites that are available for as little as £10 now, but please bear in mind that if you are serious about attempting to establish a business that will hopefully add to your income with possibility of allowing you to maybe stop your day job eventually, you must stand out from the crowd - To do this you must try to find an individual site that has all the features you want to provide for your customers, if the site does not have these don't be afraid to contact the seller to ask them to incorporate them into the site for you - after all if the seller can't add features and support you with your purchase chances are your on to a loser already (too many people buy a cheap template then just re-sell it for a fast profit and they can't advise or help the customer after the purchase) 

Look out for originality in design, and also take into consideration the response time from the seller (if they are helpful from day 1, hopefully this will carry on in the future when you may need support), try to get a phone conversation with them to discuss your requirments in detail, you may get some good pointers and advice for free, and be honest about what you want from the site and what you expect for your money.  

You must also remember cheap sites are cheap for a reason, possibly they have been mass duplicated, or badly designed, maybe some of the functions do not work well or are outdated, sometimes currencies are in $ when you need £ - there are many reasons but you will have to check out each site before throwing money away on a bad investment.

Ask yourself - if these cheap sites can really make you money, then why is the seller selling them in the first place - Why not run one themselves if they are so profitable?

It seems that too many people think they can make a million with a cheap site - unfortunately this is far the truth - A good site not only has to be individual, it needs modern features, and some originality to draw users back to it, you also need advice and support unless you are already clued up, so make sure you can get these things with your purchase.

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