Bypassing the Anonymous Best Offer System

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(Note to eBay authority shown at foot of page)


If you have recieved best offers, you'll notice they are 'anonymous'. The ID has been blocked for privacy or profit purposes on eBay's part, however it seems eBay have allowed those with enough energy the option to locate their nameless bidders on some occasions.

First of all, bear in mind the first and last letter given to you aren't part of the ID anyway, or were not in my case. So A**M doesnt make it more likely to be ADAM than S****2. But if you did expire all offers, and need to slip in another opportunity or reminder to win, first of all, make sure you do it over eBay, and only encourage the buyer to bid on a newly listed or modified item. Doing otherwise is against eBay regulations, regardless of people's prejudices DOES leave you way less secure regardless of paypal protection and is not something I'm going to condone and may result in a ban from eBay should your inappropriate messages be found by a red blue yellow and green coloured higher power.

So, with all of that in mind.. You have some information available to you. The most important is by far the feedback rating. Again, this relies on luck and the perfect balance of buying enough on eBay to give you a chance of getting some useful feedback, and buying little enough to not leave it to be a possible 50 ebayers.

Now, go onto the anonymous offerers recent feedback profile. You should hopefully notice recent feedback, but however this will not offer any links which would normally take you to an item to see who the winner was (that'd expose the anonymous bidder).

Right. Now absolutely cane that feedback profile for ANY seller that plugs their own shop in the feedback. Obvious examples include things like "BOUGHT FROM Scams4You" "Thanks for shopping with PlzComeAgen21" and so on. This is where you start feeling like sherlock...

If its just a bunch of "great" and "thank you"s, then maybe your hope ran out.

If not, then now you need to search sellers and shops for that seller ID. If you can't find an easier way, use advanced search, enter the seller you believe identified their store or ebay ID name in the feedback (maybe first2save or something), enter that as the seller ID to search. You'll still need to try your luck with a search term, so try putting "New" or something that appears in 90% of listings regardless of what they are as the term and see what comes up.

Hopefully your getting the idea. You've found the person that the anonymous seller has been buying from. So somewhere on their none-limited and non-anonymous feedback profile in the 'feedback left for others' section will be an identicle feedback comment left on that anonymous profile you were looking at.

Not only that of course, but it will be at the exact same time and date, to somebody with the exact same rating.

When i tried this, first2save shop had automatically left feedback for about 15 people in that same minute, all with the same standardised thank you plug as a comment, however only one of them had 174 feedback, and so this user, (who ironically for the sake of this guide I will keep anonymous after all that) was found, and contacted through the console.

I know this seems like a real mission, but hopefully it has some practical use on eBay and not too open to abuse really.

Like I said, chances are you can use this method to encourage further interest in listed items and everybody, even eBay, will remain happy. Any method of increasing final prices, page hits and actual sales obviously benefits the company, and its not actually requiring any malicious behaviour, just adaptation to the environment. The anonymous thing is probably justified by eBay more due to the idea that its the most likely situation that people may take the opportunity to continue negotiations outside of ebay, due to the potential limited number of bids imposed, and just generally abuse by sellers more than anything. So avoid that. Breaking eBay rules make eBay a stricter and less fun place for everybody involved.

Anyway, hope that is of some use to somebody. Great luck.


Note to eBay: My intentions as a long and loyal serving member of the eBay community is certainly not to increase malicious and unruly behaviour, however I had noticed this slight flaw and so believe it is important that not only do Sellers and Buyers know that the system is not completely anonymous and not foolproof as is shown below, but also that eBay International understands the security flaw in the proposed offers system, and with the description shown above no doubt already in operation by plenty, the system may need improvement to meet its intentions and needs. I do uphold the same values outlined in eBay's mission statement, and hope to see continual improvement and integrity in eBay as I have done over recent years. Regards, Adam.


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