C.O.A. Certificate of Authenticity Fake signed jerseys

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Here are some FACTS about  A C.O.A. or Certificate of Authenticity.

When advertised with a signed sports jersey for instance means absoloutly nothing!
Anyone with a half decent printer & some pretty paper can make something look half ok, but BEWARE, these mean nothing at all to a collector, they add NO value at all, your investment is not protected & it will not grow in value in years to come. Nor does it guarantee that the signatures are real & hand written by the people in question.!

You can be sued for up to $250,000 for selling a fake signature and  giving a piece of paper saying it is real!

It costs somewhere around 100.000 GBP to gain a Genuine Collectors licence which enables you to Authenticate collectables & give a "Certificate of Authenticity",this licence is what gives the C.O.A. it's value.
Example; Sotherbeys is a genuine auction house / collector an A C.O.A. from them adds a great deal of value to any collectable item !

The one exeption to this for me is if  I was to buy say for example a signed Liverpool jersey from the Liverpool Football Club & they give me a C.O.A., this to me protects my investment, holds great value & I am sure it would to genuine collectors / buyers in years to come!

Please be very aware,ask the seller where the C.O.A. comes from. If they say from me, you know it means nothing & adds no value.

There is the odd seller from time to time who does sell something that is really signed by who they say it is, best advice I can give is to follow what I have suggested and ask the seller questions-only shop with sellers who have 1000's of feedbacks dealing with similar goods ,they will show lots of pictures & not be afraid to do so or answer any of your questions.
Always contact the club in question & see if they have Genuine memorabilia available. Pay a little more if they do, it WILL grow in value coming from the right place.
At the end of the day just go to training one afternoon, take your little lad along & hang out in the car park afterwards, you will get a lot of GENUINE players signatures on the right day!

Thanks for listning!

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