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alloy wheels and insurance

insurance companys seem to hit people hard for having alloy wheels these days yet most cars are and have been made with alloy wheels for a lot of years,when filling in a insurance quote and they ask has the car got alloy wheels as a add on just leave it!! as the question on the beginning of the quote asks is the car standard well yes it is and it comes with alloy wheels as standard,, if your car came with steel wheels but you want alloy wheels then opt for oem (original equipment manufacture) alloy wheels and just fit them on your car as these alloys were made for your car so will not make any changes in the way of handling or fitment to your car, plus you do not have to declare it as a add on as they were original standard oem wheels for your car therfore were all tested for your car,, insurance companys can't say anything as the wheels were made for that manufacturers car so if you have a accident and the insurance company looks at your car as long as they are genuine oem wheels there is nothing they can do (( as long as you have not put silly 18" alloys on a car that was only made with 16" wheels originaly ))  what people do not realise is that your car  might have come out of the manufacturers brand new  with alloy wheels fitted but over the years a owner might have fitted steel wheels on and sold the original wheels when selling the car to make more money this does happen a lot so it does work both ways. obviously if you fit aftermarket alloy wheels then you must declare it and the insurances will basically fleece you and  take a lot more money off you this also applies if you put much larger wheels on your car lets say 19" wheels but your model car was only ever made with 15" to 17" wheels fitted then they can do something unless you declare this.
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