CAR BOOT SALES: How to Earn Extra Cash at CAR BOOT SALE

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In the current financial climate we could all use some extra cash! So do you have a garage full of junk? Chances are you have plenty of items that you dont use and probably forgot about that could use a new home. Why let these items take up valuable space in your home when you can make a quick buck rather than throwing them out. So if you are in need of some cash and have a free sunday and car boot sale field near you? Read on!

As A Seller

On arrival,  people will swarm all over your car, picking up items and confusing you totally, you politely tell them to give you 5-10 mins to unpack properly.

1. Work out the value of your junk and know how much you are prepared to take for you item(After my first carboot sale I was surprised how little people were prepared to pay - they would haggle over a price tag of 50p.) So do some research. There are plenty of carboot sale websites which will give you a list of places where the markets are, the start times, entry fees. Also have a look to see if you can get more for your items on ebay.

2. Visit a couple of local boot sales before you go as a seller. This will also give you an idea of the areas you wanna aim to park to get the most visitors.

3. Take someone with you as this will allow you to visit the loo and have someone watch your items while you are away.

4. Have lots of change, this is one place your credit card will be no use.

5. Get there early to find a nice spot. Sometimes you will find that parking near the food vans is a best bet as you will find almost everyone has to go there at some point to get there coffee fix and morning teas.

6. Also make sure you items are not prohibited i.e fake DVDs, Cigarrates...are not allowed.

7. Take plenty of carrier bags(all those tesco and asda bags that are cluttering up your kitchen will come in handy)

8. Get everything packed and ready the night before and make sure the items you will unpack first are packed last such as your pasting table and any table covers you are going to deplay your items on.

9. Make sure you car is locked and keep your keys safe as its easy to lose them in the chaos of the booty sale.

10. Once you do your display try and look at it your display from the front. Tweak it every now and again and make it look as inviting as possible just like retail shops use display to get customers in the door.

11.  Have a little chat with your customers(I had lots of dvds on my stand and got chatting to some about what sort of movies they were into, if it was action I pointed out action of and the same for thos interested in get chatting and get those sells in!)

12. Dont label your items with prices! Let them haggle this means with some items you might be able to get even higher than if you put lots of stickers.

13. Don't accept low offers too early in the day. If you do, don't be surprised to later find the item sitting on a dealer's table being offered at a higher price. If you are not willing

14. Remember why you are there, so if you dont want to go back home with your junk then be a bit more flexible with your pricing. If you feel your item get get more then try and list it on ebay.


As a Buyer

We all like a bargain! So wether you wanna decorate your home on the cheap or in the look out for collectable or into vintage? Car Boot  is the place to be!

1. Walk around more if you are not sure on an item. You can also ask the seller to hold it for 5 or 10 minutes for you. If you want the item the go back as quick as possible and grub that bargain.

2. Alway try to haggle the price down - try me the selling will be prepared for it. You might even get a discount if you are buying more than one item.

3. Always take a large carrier to hold your purchases in.

4. Have an idea of the items you are looking for this will prepare your eye to be on the look out for them.

5. Know how much you are prepared to pay for a particular item.

6. Look the items over and make sure you are not sold any counterfeit goods.

7. If going with kids be sure to keep them near you as you will be suprised just how easy the little ones can dispear in the many tables across the pitches.

8. Take plenty of change.

9. Get there early.

10. If leaving heavy items with the seller until you finish shopping be sure to get their telephone number/address or car reg as they might drive off with it before you come back.

11. Keep your valuables safe and Happy bargain hunting!

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