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It is a fact that at sometime some one will not know the security code number to their car audio system,

Helpful tips include look for CODE on screen or CODE ---- Flashing,

Units vary in the message they give when attempting to enter code,

If you are unable to enter the code chances are the radio has locked out,

If this is the case you will probably see another message on screen such as WAIT, SAFE Etc,

If you are sure you have the correct code but think you may have made an error entering that code,

Leave your car audio unit powered up until the display changes back to allow code input,

If you ever get stuck or have a problem with your radio code See ZX-9Rninja Click On (ME)

I will help & guide you as to your next step,

Remember code requests may seem a good idea but from experience another wrongly entered code can just cause more problems and irritation,

I therefore recomend that the unit is Decoded Manualy by a qualified electronics engineer,

By means of electronic re-programming techniques.

All car radio models differ in the way they operate so it is very important to consult an expert.

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