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Is a Second Chance offer real or not?

Lately there have been loads and loads of second chance offers for high value items which mainly include cars!
So how do you know if the second chance offer is a genuine or just some scammer after your money, hopefully this guide will help you protect yourself from being caught out by this scam!

Car Deposit Scam

Sometime you may bid on a car and not actually win it due to Reserve not being met or being outbid and someone else winning it. Often the winning bidder is in actual fact the scammer themselves. This can only work on high value items due to the fact of the scam being that they will ask you for a deposit. So the higher the value of item the less the deposit seams to be!

Next they will try to get you away from ebay via Email or Phone. Therefore doing the so called deal direct with each other and not being caught out by ebay!

If you agree on a price they will then ask you to pay instantly, usually through western union as the paypal charges are too expensive or some other excuse to keep it away from ebay, if you refuse they will suggest that you just pay a deposit to secure the sale, typically 10%+ and the balance in cash on collection, they will seem very friendly and normal
So you send the deposit, you never hear from them again. Normally they go for a £5,000+ car which will give at least £500+ for them to pocket.

What to look for, and how to make sure it is a genuine offer.

Click on the Second chance offer link, is it a BUY IT NOW offer or is it a link to the original bidding listing! (genuine second chance offers are always buy it now)

If it is a BUY IT NOW make sure it’s the same seller who is offering it and also email them to make sure they are selling it.

If they are so keen to sell just pay in full when you collect the car and have the keys in your hand!

DO NOT send any money anywhere that cannot be traced, only use PayPal if you have to. The money you pay must then go into a bank account so a trace is always available.

I hope you found this guide useful, and hopefully you will never get caught out!

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