CASIO Solar Powered Radio Control Watch Model WVA-M640D-2AER

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Solar Powered Watches

I can highly recommend this radio controlled watch. It keeps spot on time and has many useful features. I have read reviews on other sites where people are saying the watch was no use to them as being solar powered they would need to wear short sleeve shirts in order for the battery to charge. In my experience this isn't true. My watch is covered up for long periods under my shirt sleeve and occasionally I wear  a tee shirt. The battery meter on the watch always shows 'Hi'. The watch has a very attractive blue face and the luminous markings show up very brightly in the dark. One thing I should say is that the beep emitted when a button is pressed, hourly time signal is set or alarm set is quite a low volume. This is not a fault with the watch, just the way it is made. The stainless steel strap is simple to adjust to your wrist size using the provided adjustment tool. So no need to pay a jeweler the exhorbitant rate they charge to make such a minor adjustment. The fact that it is solar powered and therefore no batteries are ever needed to be changed and that it keeps highly accurate time , this really is a wear and forget watch as you never have to adjust it.
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