CATFISH PVA Bags how big !!, how to use

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Catfish pva bags ??? whats that all about. Well where do I start. I have been asked if I  can supply bags for catfishing. PVA bags for Catfishing hmm. I asked questions about what size how thick how deep did they have to go. Eventually we came up with a bag big enough to fit on yer head.

These bags can not be cast out in the normal way why ??? because they are big  450x250 yep  they are big. These bags have been made witgh the river ebro in mind.  used from a boat chuck a 12 onz lead on, maybe a couple of stones fill with loads of pellets stand back and chuck over the side of the boat .  Also you can get smaller bags 200x150   and 150x110.  The 200x150  could, with not a little stain on a rod, be cast a short distance  and the 150x110 can with a decent rod be chucked out. As you can see I have not done any Catfish PVA work but I did listen to what people want and with luck I have got it right. Colin KATCH KARP

Guess what we are now  going to make larger bags  !!!

How  large??? Blinking big

300 x 600   and  400 x 700

Now these bags will hold a bit of bait, they have been specially designed for the warmer climates of  Spain.

Nobody as far as I,m aware does them bigger.  With these bags you will be able to put 8-10 kilos down at a time .I havn,t filled one yet as I havn,t got enough pellets in stock !!!! 

Ideal for the river Ebro ,  they are monster bags for monster catfish.

thanx for looking and reading this guide

please support my efforts and take the time to leave me some possitive scoring in the helpfullness box below here  hope to c u in my ebay shop colin katch karp 


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