CB Radio the way it is now

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cb radio is legal on 27 mhz if you have a cb 27/81 radio its legal in the uk if you have a 27/81 radio with 80 channels its legal not illegal like some prat wrote and 27 mhz 40 channel is not the "muppet" band just in most parts of the country where the idiots with no license operate.
if you have a license at the moment as from around oct 06 the cb 27mhz uk band will be de regulated ands you will have the license for lfe if you do not have 1 which is most likely then you will need to buy one most am fm ssb bands are legal in the uk am is supposed to be illegal but most use it to get away from the prats
coming to power 4watts is the "official" power that you can use but most use more and you can have a cb modded legally like myself you can also you morethatn 4watts with a burner (linear and boosts are the same thing)
obviously last person didnt realise that they are just different names for a burner

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