CB what the description really means..

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Like if this guide is helpful

Having read a few items really i try not to laugh..

look out for these sayings..

'unable to test'

'have no aerial'

'i know nothing about this'

these mean..

it's been tested and is faulty or knackered, but by saying it's sold as seen i'm covered as i can say it was untested,


i have no aerial so i could not hear anyone without one, means it's deaf anyway or just knackered on receive, but i'm covered.

i know nothing about this means, i know it's knackered..

a good example is a guy selling a uniden 100, description is i got it in a load of CB gear, but i'm into amateur radio and it's not my thing and also i have no power lead for it so can not test,

But when you look at his other items, All CB, and two items are a cobra 148 and a audioline 341, both of which are powered up, and have the same power lead as the uniden, so he means to say, the uniden is knackerd but i'm covered as it's untested, then to show amateur radio operaters that they are thick, he plays the i'm an amateur card, CAN YOU NOT CHANGE A POWER LEAD..  amateur my arse..

or what about the seller with the amateur callsign as his ebay name, sells CB and other radio items, then states 'untested as i do not have the corect aerial or power supply' what crap any decent amateur can make an aerial out of a bit of coax and two 9' bits of wire to test a CB on, and surely he's got some sort of test equipment as all amateurs should have some sort of absorbtion wave meter, so can tell if a CB can TX or not..or how many have multiband aerials, surely it'll work just to see if a radio can receive..

like the 'i do not have the correct power supply' well if it's 12v or 13.8v it'll do..even a car battery will do..

just to see if it will receive and TX, so being an amateur means you use a special power supply that can't power a CB.


this guide is purely a moan but also a warning to read the description carefully, as what they say can mean something totally different..

if in doubt ask the seller what they mean by it's untested, and always look at their othe ritems for sale, and while your at it, look at their completed items to see if they regularly sell CB or amateur radios, this will give you an idea of if they really know or not..


be carefull ebay is getting more and more rip offs on here by the minute, and the saying goes, 'there's one born every day' don't let that one be you..!!



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