CCTV DVR and disk compatibility

Like if this guide is helpful
Like me you may consider that a SATA hard disk drive is a SATA hard disk drive regardless of manufacturer.

You may consider that statement like  "We suggest you use the western digital hard drive due to the better compatibility."  has little meaning if the specifications in the listing say  "Hard disk port  1 SATA port"

You would be wrong with the offerings of at least one eBay seller - that "We suggest..." bit should really say "This junk will ONLY work with Western Digital hard drives"

Like me you would expect that if something is incorrectly listed like this it would be easy to claim a refund plus your return postage - £5.30 in my case. 

You'd be wrong there too. The seller sat on the return for over a week and I had to open a dispute. They then just issued the refund which closed the dispute but didn't repay my costs returning the thing.

I guess I could hunt around the labyrinthine eBay buyer help pages and figure out how to get it back but I've decided life is too short and I'll just content myself with putting up this warning which will maybe help somebody else.
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