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Faulty Printer - Problem with Epson customer care.

A short time ago I purchased an Epson Home Expression All In One XP-422  Wi/Fi printer from CClComputers on E Bay, it arrived very quickly and was up and running in no time. But it gobbled up the ink at an alarming rate. When I saw the cost of Epson inks I nearly fainted. (Some £8+ for each colour, low volume and there are four) So I opted for Non OEM inks far cheaper and more volume. Some weeks later I had a paper jam (Nothing to do with the ink) I carefully cleared it according to Epson's own instructions. On restart the printer made some nasty grinding noises and started printing double imiges of the text. I performed Epson's instructions again this time to complete, head cleaning, a nozzel check and head re alignment, using inbuilt software.  But it still printed double. I contacted Epson they had no interest as I had not used thier inks. I asked what ink (a liquid) had to do with a mecanical fault, I received no viable answer, all they kept on about is thier ink was not used. So I gave up. I then contacted CClComputers, told them what the problem was and what Epson had said to me. They like me could not understand what ink had to do with the fault and promptly asked me to send the printer back to them.  I received a pre paid addressed label to send it back, vie instant E Mail. A few days later I had an E Mail telling me that they were replacing the printer under warranty and it arrived within days. Now that is customer service at its very best. I would recomend CClComputers to anyone who needs computer related goods. I will be using them for all my needs. They are a credit to themselves for thier professionalism, service and customer care. They are an asset to the E Bay community. Bigger companies like Epson, who only seem to care about making as much cash could as they can lever out of the customer could learn a lot from CClComputers.
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