CD/DVD Buying Tips - What to Look! CUSHTY

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Important factors that you should consider before bidding or Buying CDs on eBay.  I'd like to add a few pointers based on my experience (Thousands of CDs sold on Ebay) that eBayers might find useful when purchasing CD's or DVD's! 

Always Read through the seller's description, Ensure the seller is situated in a country you feel secure dealing with, eg. You may only feel secure dealing in the UK due to customs fees you might accure, etc.

Just a few tips on what to look for when Purchasing a CD/DVD !

1. Check out the CD/DVD you are purchasing by reading through some of the feedback left by previous buyers

2. Ensure that the postage is not over priced eg. You See Buy a CD or DVD for 99p with postage of £4.99. some sellers sell in this way.  Look at the total price bid or buy it now + postage when deciding.  I don't bid or buy where P&P for 1 CD or DVD  is more than £1.50.

3. Seller to have a Feedback of 98% and above, Sold at least 50 items and been Selling for a minimum of 1 month, also take Paypal as payment.

4. I have been wary of 100% feedback sellers who have also sold 5.000 items or more in the last year, ( no one can please everyone ) eg. a seller with 10 negs feedbacks with a score of 5000 in my books is classed as Cushty!, thats only a adv of ( 1 buyer in every 500 ) who they have not 100% pleased, as you all know you will never please everybody.

So any seller who has a 5,000 possitive feedback or more in the last year and is still 100% in my eyes must be working for GOD!

Just remember in case you don't know! Sellers can work it out with the buyer or can pay through squaredeal to have a neg removed, so even if they do have 100% feedback they may have had a dozen or so negatives removed.

Well I hope this Helps, have fun and purchase more safely.


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