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Hi there

Just a few pointers on these phone ranges. I have recently purchased one, they are fantastic!

But a few points to be aware of the 810 and the 800 version will take upto a 1gb card, the m815 will take upto 2 gb card, i recomend 1 gb as the watch tends to hang with the larger card, also none have 4 speakers, they have 1! top right the others are dummys, try it buy putting your finger over each speaker, the only one that muffles is the top right.

touch screen works really well(have to double touch sometimes) but that can be due to calibration.

Note: i find that if the screen is calibrated using the stylus, then use the stylus all the time, if you calibrate it with your finger then use your finger all the time, calibration seems to only work well if you calibrate it to what you will be using to navigate once calibrated. I think that stylus is more acurate when in use but sitting still! as the target is tiny!

The camera is not 1.3mp, its 0.3 (software enhanced to 1.3) but no software in the box!

Be carefull of the stylus(built into strap) the end can come off and get stuck in the watch! this happened to me, managed to get it out and carefully reglue with strong super glue, let it cure fully before putting it back into the strap though!

Apart from that they are great,and pretty well made, i paid £62 for mine anything more would be too much in my opinion, but then again if it had a nokia badge on it would be close to £300+

The blutooth stereo headset/hands free is pretty dam good, with good bass and treble.

Size wize they are on the verge of being bulky, but not over the top.

the video is no ipod, but watchable, the mp3 is loud but not very bass rich, does everything that a phone can but better, the handwriting recognition is amazing and quite accurate.

All in all techno freaks will love it!

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