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You may have recently seen some phones on sale recently, which seem in appearance to be a phone you have previously seen uner the name of 'Nokia' or 'Sony Ericsson', now being advertised as CECT.

From what i have managed to find out, CECT phones are basically cheap - knock off versions of the phones they look so similar to.

Example: The CECT P168 retails in China at around $150, and about £65 - £80 here on eBay. It looks very similar to the iPhone, and boasts a 3.5" Touch Screen, 1.3MP Digital Camera, Bluetooth connectivity, Dual Sim Function and much more.

It is, in a crude way, a substitue for either those that don't want to part with the cash for an actualy iPhone, or for those who simply can't get their hands on them (in China, the release date is considerably later for the Apple iPhone).

This is just one example of the CECT Phones available. I'm sure after a quick search on the net, you'll find 'clones' of many of the top selling phones of the year under the name CECT, including the CECT N95E, a clone of the Nokia N95 8GB.

The Important Bit: In theory, there is actually nothing wrong with buying a CECT phone. They work well, have great features, and offer some of the best value-for-money phones on the international market. However, it is like buying a Porsche; there's no real substitute for one. In the same way, rather than paying £280 for the N95 8GB, you may pay £85 for the CECT version, with similar feautres, and looking exactly the same, but at that price you can't expect the same quality and attention to detail as you'd expect from any of Nokia's N Series.

Personally, i feel they're great for those willing to try something new. Also, it seems they keep a fairly constant price. Also, due to the great 'mystery' surrounding these phones, it's possible to buy from a Chinese seller on eBay UK, try the phone, and if you find you're not compatible with it, sell it back on eBay for a small profit, due to the lack of UK Sellers!

Thanks for your time, please don't forget to check out my other guides.

Also, if you find that any of the above information is misleading / untrue, please let me know so i can update it. Also, if you are interested in purchasing any CECT phones, please let me know, and i can make a listing on eBay through which you can make a purchase. Please note: I don't complete transactions outside of eBay, and only accept PayPal.Thanks

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