CECT i9 Smartphone

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Over the past few months, we have seen an increase in copy iPhones hitting the market.
Usually manufactured by a company based in China known as CECT.

They offer similar phone in appearance the Apples iPhone however that’s where the similarity ends.
For example. In August this year, CECT launched the “i9”.
A phone that can only cost you around $100 but has one feature many seek

You can install 2 SIMS in the phone at the same time. Even better is the fact that both of these SIMS can be online at the same time. Both able to receive calls independently of each other.

When dialling a number, the users simply dials the number then chooses which SIM to use.
Sounds great and in-fact the i9 is a splendid alternative to the  iPhone. One big problem though. CECT do not offer online support for this product.
Thankfully a few dedicate CECT i9 users have created a forum especially for the i9.

So if you buy a CECT i9 and want support, go to http://www.i9forum.com

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