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The plane arrived packaged well in a nice box...thats about as good as it gets. The instructions made no sense in places due to the bad translation from Chinese into English. The parts are poorly made, most of the fuselage and wings are made of polystyrene with rather rough edges. The rudder is held on to the tail by a piece of sellotape! The rudder control rod connects at the bottom of the rudder and is extremely tricky to line up squarely. We cracked on however and eventually got the plane together. We made all the fine adjustments to the rudder and checked everything was nice and tight. We ran through the test procedure ensuring the motor would spin correctly and the rudder operated. The 'wind speed flag' that attaches to the top of the antenna had the clip missing but we got round this very minor issue with a piece of tape.

As per instruction in the manual we placed the plane on the ground and applied full power to the control stick. The plane lifted up beautifully and was airborne at an approx height of 2 metres for about 4 seconds, before, for no apparently reason, the plane wobbled violently and nose dived snapping the wing off completely. I couldn't understand as I had followed the instructions to the tee. On closer examination the polystyrene battery compartment had become unstuck from the inside of the fueslage causing the battery to slip forward resulting in the catrostraphic crash!

I contacted the seller with a detailed report explaining the problem. I simply got a reply saying I must of done it and have had no further correspondance from them. Extremely poor customer service. I have 2 upset children and my wallet £45.98 lighter. Dads..do yourself a favour and simply tie £45 round a brick and chuck it in the air. I have learned a valuable lesson and am looking at a plane in my local model shop where the staff can offer expert advise and offer spares for the models they sell.

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