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We've all been there, me included, thinking we've dropped on a bargain & saved a packet.  But how do we really know what we're buying without seeing it in the flesh?  Here's a few 'things to look for' which I hope many of you will remember next time you are tempted to 'press the button':

The Box:  Is the font a little different?  Is it too close to the top or even off-centre?  Good fakes even have the ingredients on the back, give or take a mis-spelt duplicate here and there

The Bottle: The real thing should have a gentle arch in the glass at the bottom, as opposed to an ice-cube shaped irregular chunky base - beware the clever camera angle - if it ain't face-on, theres something iffy.  Is the label straight? Is it off-centre? What about the ring around the neck just below the bottle top - is the logo smudged? Is it even there?

If you already have the offending item in your possession - Does the top fall off if you tip the bottle? Can you scrape off the printing on the glass (Mademoiselle)? Is the colour a bit too dark/light?

Especially in our current climate our money has to work twice as hard - don't be afraid to ask questions - a genuine seller will not be offended.  Most importantly - don't fall victim to that cheap expensive present - you will save not just alot of money but alot of embarrassment too!

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