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I recently bought an LCD screen from BUMBLESALE. Unfortunately, the screen the wrong type so I asked to buy the correct one from them. They said that they did not stock it because it was obsolete. They then authorized the return. I packaged it back exactly how we received it and sent it to them. To my surprise they said that the screen had been damaged in transit because we had not packaged the screen correctly with bubblewrap. The original packaging had no bubblewrap and was a box encased in foam padding with a bag to seal the LCD. When we challenged Bumblesale for a refund they indicated that they were not responsible to give us one. After we went to Paypal to try and obtain the refund, Bumblesale informed us that because we were a company distance selling regulations did not apply to us. In other words they were telling us that they would not treat a company with a sufficient level of service when it comes to returns. We then received an offensive email from them:

Hi Mike.

Thanks for the negative feedback, very brave for someone trading from such a pathetic little corner shop.

We will of course get this removed instantly. May I suggest you read the distance seller regulations, you are only making yourself look stupid with your statement. And we would happily have refunded you if you returned it in the condition we sent it to you in. Why have you not even tried to pursue claiming off your courier as they delivered your screen back damaged.

Now the bit that is a problem is you calling me a liar. Big mistake. I will give you one chance to apologise for this to put things right!


Gary Hamilton

 Require IT Ltd

Unit 1 Holywells Close



Wow! I said to myself- how can someone obtain Powerseller status whilst sending emails like this to clients and outside of Ebay? I then checked the responses on Bumblesale's shop to other negative feedbacks given. Bumblesale seems aggressive when it comes to dealing with problems- no problem for me but imagine your gran on the receiving end! This guide is intended to highlight the need to check a seller's feedback etc thoroughly  as cheap is sometimes not best. Also remember that one of the major traits of a good seller is that they behave in a civilized, reasonable and polite manner when an occasional problem occurs. Paying by Paypal is a great way to ensure that traders do not con you (in this case I got a full refund within a few days)

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