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I must warn about an ongoing scam on ebay.  Look out for very nice cars at silly cheap prices.  These are usually accounts that have been hijacked by scammers who could be anywhere in the world.   BEWARE of one day listings with no. plates blanked out and saying buy now only ???? GBP or similar wording at the top. Also read the ad carefully - it will probably not read as it should i.e. some foreign language translated badly.  If you email the seller you will get back an email to the effect - contact me at ???@@& .com for price of £???  This is a load of rubbish as the email account will be closed at the end of the auction. If you ask where the car can be viewed you will get a reply that the car is abroad somewhere and the price includes shipping back to U.K.  MY advice is DO NOT BID  this is a scam and you will lose your money!!!!   Instead report the ad to ebay as fraudulent and maybe one day they will do something about these buggers.  I have reported loads to them but still the dodgy ads keep appearing.   After a short time they are very easy to spot and as I have said   DO NOT BID!!!   Hope this helps someone hold on to their 'hard-earned'.
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