CHEAP consumer electronics with HIGH postage

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Beware when you buy CHEAP consumer electronics with HIGH postage -

The offer may look too good to be true but if there is a problem at all, however small, you loose out on the high postage you had to pay. So if you buy something for .01p to .99p for example, and you paid £8.99 postage and the item is not quite right you will only get back the .01p - .99p refund (if you are lucky) and the seller is quids in and has only paid a tiny amount in fees to ebay also. 

This refers to everything where the postage is ridculously high.

The cost to  post a CD is .55p plus then some for packaging etc. so up to £1.50 - £2.00 is reasonable - once you are paying more than this THINK before you buy - WHAT IF I NEED TO RETURN IT . You usually do need to return it in these circumstances and you will not because what you get back will not be worth you returning it.

Sellers have high postage and low item prices to con you and ebay 

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