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Cherished numbers, what are they exactly?
Before personalised registration marks became anywhere near as popular as they are today, the phrase ‘cherished numbers’ was used to refer to vehicle registration marks where they were seen as having a sentimental value.

Maybe the registration mark had been in the family for several years or it contained letters or numbers that were relevant, or of interest to the owner.
The dictionary defenition of ‘cherished’ says: “To treat with affection and tenderness; hold dear”.

Over the years, the different phrases and terms adopted to describe ‘cherished registration numbers’ have grown significantly. Some of the terms people will use today to describe a cherished registration number are as follows:

    * Cherished plate.
    * Dateless plate.
    * Private plate.
    * Private number plate.
    * Private registration number.
    * Private number.
    * Private registration mark.
    * Personal plate.
    * Personal number
    * Personalised number.
    * Personalised number plate.
    * Personalised registration.
    * Personalised plate.
    * Vanity plate.
    * Vanity number.

The short and tall of it is that, they all stand for the same thing and are just different ways in which people will describe the originally named ‘cherished registration number’.

We prefer to call cherished registrations by the term ‘personalised registration marks’, as we feel that that is a true explanation of what it is, a registration mark. People do refer to cherished registrations as plates, however technically speaking the ‘plate’ is the actual oblong piece of acrylic that you display your ‘personalised registration mark’ on.
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