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As you will be aware, the more information you put in an advert the more likely it is to sell!

I have found an increase in my sales by adding in the age and height of an item!

For example an age 12yrs jumper might also say adding this to your title it means people looking for the height and/or size will have the chance to see your item!

It has made a difference to my sales!

As you will be aware some shops work in height and age so it is easy to get the details from the label!

 If it does not tell you do not guess because if you get it wrong and it sells you would be more likely to get negative feedback for not giving the right info! (If it happened on the high street it would be classed as false advertising)

Customer satisfaction plays a big part in your sales, so help them out as much as you can and they will be more likely to come back to you again and again!

I hope this helps you out, even just a little!

It has helped me a lot and it is always good to pass and share these things with one another! 

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