CHILDREN'S CLOTHING The Good The Bad & The Ugly !

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a great photo use a dark background if possible and include the entire item ( dont cut the top / bottom off)
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Items you want to buy or sell ( a seller's guide) and buyers tips

BRAND NAMES  - Always when searching or listing include the manufacturer name if designer or well known IE Next Gap H&M etc . Always include the age applicable

NEW OR USED - If the item is NEW state so on your listing or if you want a new item choose the new option in you search Never list as new If you want to buy  A NEW item search New 

HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY - Always when listing clothing BE HONEST if an item has marks etc then say so DONT TRY TO MISLEAD Customers This WILL always result in poor feedback and usually lots of returns
 AGE RANGE  - Don't List clothes that are not in the same age range its better to sell a small bundle all age 3-4 years  than lots with an age range of 3-8  years ! . if buying state the age you wish to buy 

YOUR PICTURE IS YOUR SELLING TOOL - Dont expect a great sale with a poor pic ( it doesn't happen) Buyers need to see what they are getting so display all your items seperately or together in sets . upload pics within your listing using either Auctiva or Photobucket & if possible put your items in matching sets / colours

DESCRIPTION - Try to include as much detail as reqd ie if trousers  - does it have an adjustable waist? Dress Colours pattern and length. If buying search style colour etc

CATAGORIES  - list the item in the correct catagory - if its a dress list in dresses not Bundles. If you have only 1-2 items dont list in bundles . if buying Search a specific catagory not all 

PRICING  - if selling for some extra cash and  not a business then start the selling price at 0.99 its cheaper for you  and buyers like a great bargain. Remember any sales are a profit that you wouldn't have had if you had thrown the clothes away etc

POSTAGE + PACKING - This is one of the important features price realistically !
if an item costs £2.00 to post with packaging at 0.25p Then list the postage at £2.99 Not £6.00 as buyers dont like expensive postage FREE POST IS A GREAT TOOL AND INCENTIVE but you must remember to build the cost of postage into your start price 
Unless items are very heavy always offer postage as COLLECTION ONLY puts a lot of buyers off Courier rates are now very reasonable and easy to access 
If Buying although FREE P+P IS GREAT remember you may end up paying more so beware of overinflated start prices 

CUSTOMER SERVICE  - The most important part - If your customer is not happy DON'T IGNORE THEM ! Be honest Reasonable and Fair  If they are not happy then ultimately you wont be either ( trust me) If you believe a customer to be trying to manipulate you contact ebay,  if they wont return an item for a refund contact ebay, ( see policies) Always for goods over a certain cost post with tracking and get proof of post for others ( safeguarding sellers) NEVER BE ABUSIVE or have a don't care attitude if a buyer is not happy . The same applies if you receive something you are not happy with DONT JUST LEAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK.  give the seller time to reflect the situation and rectify but never lie to get a refund  !!! 

I hope this small guide has been helpful mostly common sense but if you need any help just message me ill happily try to help


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