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Dear Readers,

This is yet another guide about the many crooks out there on ebay. This time it isn't a gripe about Nigerian's who want to purchase an item and send it to their sick mum back home it is about Chinese wholesalers. I'm sure anyone who has sold any form of electrical item or electrical ebook of sorts will have had an email at one time or another asking you to visit a website and buy extremely cheap products from them.

My advise to you is to report these ASAP and ensure they cannot spam other people. It is an illegal ebay activity and the people who email you are 99% of the time likely to be fraudulent. I have bought an item like this before. I was shown a website and was given a price list and yet never received an item nor did I ever get a response from the seller. However, if the details are scrutinised correctly you will notice that they are showing you another website. If you email the actual company the chances are they wouldn't have even heard of the person trying to sell to you. Also, if they insist it is their own company then insist on receiving goods first and payment later - this will quickly get rid of them. How hard is it to create a website anyway ?? It can be done in a couple of hours !

The cost of living in China is very low and hence when you convert dollars or sterling into renmimbi it will go a lot further and hence if they even get money from 2 or 3 people it is an excellent weeks work !

Basically get these scammers off ebay and don't encourage them at all. They are crooks and you will lose your money !!!!

Okay i've had my moan now !!!

Please give me a positive rating for this guide and have a look in my ebay store for many superb bargains -


Kind Regards


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