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The torch has undergone a revolution in recent years to the point where the simple torch is now an integrated part of an operators tactical weapon system that can be deployed in a range of situations from personal safety for a private citizen,an essential camping tool, or a tactical flashlight used daily by professionals in the police and armed services.Here we will discuss the recent advances and what lights are available that best fits your application.Size  options - gone are the days of those big D cells torches that are heavy and cumbersome.There is a varity of flashlights that are small,robust and powerful it really is a case of size doesn't matter and smaller is better. They can easily be carried in the pocket, in a handbag, in the car glove compartment.We always have a spare in the car and a couple around the house.Bulbs - go for Xenon the bulb is fitted with xenon gas and produces bright white light with no dark circle of halo effect and it throws light a long distance.The alternative is the new technology of LED the light emitting diode that uses little power and has a long run time this type is fine for longer run hours say on a camping trip to use as a convenience light.But for personal safety and tactical situations go for the brightness of an incandescent bulb.The sheer power of a bright torch can give you the edge in a tense situation and blind a would be attacker for those first few vital seconds.Brigtness is measured in Lumens 65 is bright 120 is very bright anything more and the reflection back will effect you and light up the team behind your own torch.Batteries - Lithium have a 10 year shelf life and their power does not deplete as quickly.

Much of the recent technological advances have taken place in California USA as companies have sought to explore laser light technology and the demands of the military  swat teams created product developments that enhance flashlights into weapon mounted applications.The flashlight has become a tool with several defence and attack applications.The worldwide leader is SUREFIRE.Today you will see many UK Police officers will carry a surefire rather than perhaps a cheaper torch issued by their own force.Its also essential to have a full back up of spare batteries,fast release holster and spares carriers.

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