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For those starting off in patchwork, there seems to be an explosion of fabrics to choose from. 

The best approach is first to have a colour scheme in mind, for example pinks. Then, for instance, choose a shade of pink you would like.  Next choose the type of fabric you would like to use.  It would probably be best to start with 'craft' cotton, which is consistently a regular weight from where ever you buy from.  With these two basics you will be able to produce a pleasant and contrasting blend of patterns (floral/stripes/geometric patterns/etc) that will be 'pulled' together through the colours.

Alternatively you could choose a theme, say for a child different fabrics depicting toys.  Be careful however that they are of a similar style, otherwise this could prove disastrous.  However, having said that, it could work beautifully.

Of course you can get 'packs' of ready prepared complimentary materials to help you understand how different colours and patterns work and blend together. 
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