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there are so many expensive beauty products out there that all claim they will drastically improve your skin. it can often be hard to choose the right one for you so here are a few simple tips to better skin... and the good news is you dont need to spend a fortune to look fantastic.


healthy skin is one of the most importanat elements of self esteem. it requires care and attention to maintain a healthy glow and to remain soft and supple. because our gaces are most visable and most exposed to the elements all year round, they require even more special consideration. often, the first thing people notice when they meet you is your face and complexion. as a result, keeping your skin clean is the most effective thing you can do for a gorgeous complexion. make sure you cleanse morning and night to remove dirt and any make-up. the good news is you dont need to splash out on a mega-expensive cleanser, often the cheaper ones work just as well and remember to get one suited to your skin type (oily, dry, combination, normal, problem etc). NEVER USE SOAP on your face, it will dry your skin out! whatever cleanser you choose, use it properly- if you do this great skin is bound to follow.

STEP ONE: make sure your hands are clean otherwise your just spreading dirt. thensplash your face with warm water.

STEP TWO: squeeze a small amoount of your cleanser into your palms or a small cotton washcloth.

STEP THREE: apply the cleanser to your face using a circular motion. make sure you cover all areas (forehead, nose, chin, cheeks, neck etc). massage your face for about a minute. allow the cleanser to penetrate the skin for a few minutes.

STEP FOUR: rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. make sure you have removed all traces of the cleanser. you can use a face sponge, a muslin cloth or cotton pads to remove your cleanser. at the end, rinse your face with cold water to shrink the enlarged pores and to improve blood circulation.

STEP FIVE: dry your face with a facial towel.

STEP SIX: once you have cleansed your skin, you should begin the next step- toner., whats the best cleanser?

some of the best cleansers like i said before arent fancy and expensive. here i list the best face cleansers on the market form cheep to steep, for five different skintypes: dry, oily, normal/combination, sensitive and blemished.

the best cleansers for... DRY SKIN:

CETAPHIL: theres no bells and whistles with this. its a baby mild product that even dermatologists swear by. so why is it a must have? its clean, simple and isnt loaded with chemicals or perfumes that irritate the skin. its just the best, cheap cleanser out there.

CLARINS GENTLE FOAMING CLEANSER: this cleanser contains shea butter, which leaves skin moisturised as well as clean.

DR HAUSCHKA CLEANSING CREAM: this cleanser smells like almond and doesnt come with alot of preservatives unlike most cleansers out there, but remember to keep an eye on the expiration date.

LANOME GALATEE MILK CLEANSER: the most expensive ive listed in the dry skin category. this milky cleanser is very moisturising and makes your skin feel soft and suple.

the best cleansers for... OILY SKIN:

PURPOSE GENTLE CLEANSING WASH: like cetaphil for dry skin, purpose has few bells and whistles- a good thing for a cleanser. this soap free, oil free liquid lathers away dirt, makeup and oil but doesnt leave skin so dry it reacts by overproducing oil. pretty good job for under £5.

CLINIQUE WASH-AWAY GEL CLEANSER: this classic cleanser can be a bit drying, so test this product before you buy. a clebrity must-have cleanser.

SHISEIDO PURENESS CLEANSING GEL: gentle and soft. youll love the way this cleanser smells (and cleans you skin).

LANCOME CLARIFIANCE OIL-FREE GEL CLEANSER: this cleanser will leave your oily skin feeling luxurious but not oily. the only downside is its price.

the best cleansers for... NORMAL/COMBINATION SKIN:

DOVE ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS SELF FOAMING CLEANSER: this cleanser is a great standby from cold winters to humid summers. this basic cleanser washes away oil and dead skin cells without stripping skin of its nutrients. and its cheap too.

CETAPHIL GENTLE SKIN CLEANSER: this is the best budget cleanser. full-stop.

BLOOM FACIAL CLEANERS: this aromatheropy cleanser has lavender and grapefruit essential oils- great for your skin and smell gorgeous.

FACE STOCKHOLM FOAMING FACE CLEANSER: a great product thats not drying. however its quite pricey.

the best cleansers for... SENSITIVE SKIN:

AVON CLEAR SKIN FOAMING CLEANSER: inexpensive yet gentle.

CETAPHIL GENTLE SKIN CLEANSER: as i have said before, theres no bells and whistles with this. its a baby mild product that even dermatologists swear by. its clean, simple and isnt loaded with chemicals or perfumes that irritate the skin. its just the best, cheap cleanser out there.

AVEDA ALL-SENSITIVE CLEANSER: perfect cleanser and not too pricey.

NINA RICCI ROSEE GEL PURIFICANTE: when it had a name like this you know its going to be expensive. this cleanser has been described as 'sensual' and it smells lovely- like roses.

the best cleansers for... BLEMISHED SKIN:

NEUTROGENA PORE-REFINING CLEANSER: this cleanser will soak up oil but doesnt dry skin out.

OIL OF OLAY AGE-DEFYING SERIES DAILY RENEWAL CLEANSER: good, cheap and effective. enough said.

MURAD ACNE KIT: this is a kit so a little more expensive than just a cleanser. but at around £30, it is still somewhat affordable. this kit features four parts: a cleanser with triclosan and salicylic acid to fight bacteria; a pore cleansing gel with glycolic acids, an exfoliating lotion with retinol, and a spot treatment with sulphur.

if you follow these tips and find the perfect cleanser for your skin, you should have beautiful skin in no time. check out  PART TWO of this guide for tips on toning and moisturising.

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