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Now I have to say that having shopped around and done my homework, I can honestly report that currently 3rd March 2010, you WILL save at least 10,000 pounds on buying a 2007 model as opposed to a 2008 and also you WILL save between 3000 and 4000 pounds on buying a 2007 model privately as is the case with myself, I say this with a pretty nice grin on my kisser!

I have just purchased a 2007 C8 WITH 26K as new in nearly every way from another Ebayer! The miles that the husband and I spent looking and hoping for the right one, so we were more than happy to risk it for a biscuit and fly to the mainland with a view to purchasing this one was well worth the extra few quid as we got lucky! (We live in Northern Ireland).

*****UPDATE 12th May 2010*****

My opinion still hasn't changed, it's a great buy specially the 2007 year. I'm now approaching month 3 with my C8 and you would be hard pressed to buy a large MPV for this money! It has taken a bit of getting used to as it is my first C8 but it's sturdy, comfortable both front and back, the boot is great as I have put my 2 spare seats in my garage covered, it offers so much height and width for prams, buggies, luggage etc... I have discovered that there is a dedicated website called EUROVAN for anyone who owns a "Eurovan" ie... Lancia Phedra, Citroen C8, Peugeot 807 or Fiat Ulyssee or if you wish to get some valid and solid information before you purchase one of these road monsters. This site is very handy indeed.


I have found that the torque on my HDI 2.0 is faultless, beleive it or not it will most certainly give a top of the range BMW a run for its money going up any steep hill!

So far the only thing that I'm disappointed with is the main Citroen dealership in Belfast (as I reside in N.Ireland) who don't use the proper "Total" oil when servicing and are also using to quote them "Outside Motor Factors" for parts instead of proper Citroen branded parts, so needless to say I took my business to the only other Citroen dealership in Bangor with whom I'm delighted with! Yes I am fussy, but the way I see it .... well I'm sure you understand!

Also, I did discover before I ever purchased my C8 that as it is a front wheel drive vehicle it may be prone to quicker wear and tear on the front tyres, so far I'm on the original 3 year old ones with life left in them yet BUT I have seen some shocking sales guys trying to paint over them to try to hide their baldiness so please look very carefully.

The KEY to buying a good example of any vehicle is to BE PATIENT! Always check everything and preferably always buy with service books attached etc... Don't be afraid to call any dealerships that are stamped on the book to verify service intervals etc..

Good luck to all would be C8 purchasers, I do hope that my input has helped in some way for you.

Kind Regards,  YAZ1559.Citroen C8

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